Bush Dance Socials

Great fundraising activity, great exercise and lots & lots of fun for everyone - Contact Us to discuss your requirements (Working with Children cleared)


Kick your heels up with our fully instructed bush dances, line dances, country dances & all the popular dances.

We can do just a few or a whole lot depending on what you require to make your night a great one.

Here are some of the dances we can provide you with for your fun filled event.

Bush Dances

Heel & Toe Polka, Queensland Backstep, Stockyard, Strip the WIllow & Virginia Reel.

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Line Dances

Electric Slide & 5 6 7 8

Country Dances

Barn Dance, Texas 2 Step, Canadian 3 Step, Log Cabin & Irish Trott.

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Popular Dances

Chicken Dance, Nutbush, Macarena & Bus Stop