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Kathy Coleman - Albums


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Because of You Album Cover

Because of You Album - Song List

Track Number Song Title Sample
1 Gun Shearer

Gun Shearer

2 My Get up & Go My Get up & Go
3 Little Tears Little Tears
4 Our First House Our First House
5 A Bit of Fun A Bit of Fun
6 Because of You Because of You
7 It's a Shame It's A Shame
8 Daisy Daisy
9 They Call 'em Coopers They Call 'em Coopers
10 2nd Hand Love 2nd Hand Love
11 My Imagination My Imagination
12 Looking Back Looking Back










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Hot & Bothered Album - Song List

Track Number Song Title Sample
1 Hot & Bothered  Hot & Bothered
2 Til The Cows Come Home  Til The Cows Come Home
3 He Still Remembers  He Still Remembers
4 Honey Your Just Not My Cup of Tea  Honey Your Just Not My Cup of Tea

Soldier Frank

 Soldier Frank
6 Position Vacant  Position Vacant
7 Six Foot of Dirt  Six Foot of Dirt
8 I'm Gonna Love You  I'm Gonna Love You
9 Dunedoo Station  Dunedoo Station
10 Let's Go Truckin'  Let's Go Truckin'
11 Why Did You Go  Why Did You Go
12 They're Too Busy  They're Too Busy



Waitin' on a Good Man Album - Song list

Track Number

Song Title


1 Waitin' on a Good Man  Waitin' On A Good Man
2 Touch Me Like You Used To  Touch Me Like You Used To
3 Just Friends  Just Friends
4 Little Piece of Heaven  Little Piece Of Heaven
5 I Can't See You Anymore  I Can't See You Anymore
6 I'm So Glad He's Mine  I'm So Glad He's Mine
7 The Old Man's Money   The Old Man's Money
8 It's Been A While  It's Been A While
9 I Couldn't Help Myself  I Couldn't Help Myself
10 You Should've Said  You Should've Said
11 Talk To Me Talk To Me
12 One Piece At A Time

 One Piece At A Time















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