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Media Reviews on Kathy's  2 x Albums are listed below;

Capital News Editioral February 2013 by Susan Jarvis




February 2012 - review of the album as published in the issue 127 of  Le Cri du Coyote France

KATHY COLEMAN: Hot & Bothered born in Dunedoo, village of 836 inhabitants located 300 km to the Sydney N/O, Kathy is a music-loving family of twelve children. With a pianist, guitarist, pedal-steeliste, an organist Brother MOM, sisters pianist and guitarist itself it imagine that at home it was often the ditty. After the success of his first album, just for fun (Cree 117) Kathy, whose writing has made great progress, proposes her 2nd CD. Found 12 beautiful compositions, interpreted her voice of velvet to the perfect speech. Of the guillerets tempos, honky tonks, rockabillies, and ballads trottantes, leaving the beautiful pedal steel part (Mike Johnson) and violin (Joe Caverlee) accompanied also by Matt McGee (bss) Rodger Morris (pno, clav) especially in the rockabillies, Dan Drilling (gtr) and Mark Douchette (harp). A country purely Australian, located in the back country. The train station in her hometown is Dunedoo Station where the train, alas, there stops more since that it has extended the line. Hot & Bothered the great success of the album tells the harsh day of a cowgirl gathering cattle and repairing enclosures by 40 ° C. This honky tonk is repeated in rockabilly in Six Foot Of Dirt on a different theme, that of the Sydney richard, despite his house in France, will end up as everyone 6 feet underground. Till The Cows Come Home, country in the not, accompanied by a very this violin, evokes the sadness of the farmer noting that her husband prefers solitude instead of his company, while in They're Too Busy to look swingante, the farmer occupied throughout the day, think about the happy days when his cowboy, more available, loved to visit more often in the city. Let's Go Truckin'' allègre and prancing we described the morning departure of the trucker, involving road its engine and its radio it takes care to settle on a country station. Soldier Franck, pure country trottante, evokes a true veteran today Centennial soldier in the amount in 14/18, it is loving a French small, won Lotto and happy still lives today. Other titles deal with love. It is happy and passionate in I'm Gonna Love You a ballad trottante, to say: "I consider you love the whole night" Position Vacant ballad very pedal steel, is an invitation to a true love without lies, Honey You're Not My Cup Of Tea, honky tonk, is a non-advances of a lady (you are not my cup of tea) and Why Did You Go with some Latinregret it either party see the world without saying to his belle. The last title, a quiet Waltz accompanied by violin, pedal steel and mandolin, refers to the difficulty of the patient with Alzheimer's to regain his memories and the grief of relatives to this situation. An absolutely irresistible album. (RL), Double Deal Entert., PO Box 104,...

January 2012 - Capital News - Album review - Hot & Bothered by Ray Montana

Kathy Coleman has returned with her fresh release Hot & Bothered, the follow up to 2009's Waitin' on a Good Man. Produced, engineered & mastered by Dan Drilling at Panda Productions in Hendersonville Tennessee, Hot & Bothered features 12 self-penned, easy listening Country tracks. Having had previous success with national song writing awards and competitions, Kathy's songwriting skills are again a stand out, particularly on the more personal tracks including Soldier Frank, the story of a family friend and WW1 digger, and Dunedoo Station, Dunedoo being the small country NSW town that Kathy hails from. Kathy has also included some great foot stompers such as, Let's Go Truckin', Honey You're Just Not My Cup of Tea and the title track, Hot & Bothered, for those listeners who like to get up and have a twirl around the dance floor. With great production and Kathy's steadfast vocals, Hot & Bothered is sure to be a knock out with her audiences.

August 2010 - Album Review by Rosie Adsett in Country Update Magazine Issue No 58

It's always heartening to know there are so many young country singers putting pen to paper and coming up with good traditional country songs. Kathy Coleman is no exception, offering 12 excellent songs she has written herself covering a broad range of issues. Most of these are relatable to everyday life, such as the song about unrequited love called "Just Friends", or the break-up song "I Can't See You Anymore", and those of us who have older children will probably relate to "The Old Man's Money". Waitin' on a Good Man is produced by Rob Wilson who has brought together some of the best players in the Australian music industry for this project. Those players include Wilson himself on acoustic guitar, harmonica and backing vocals, the mighty Michel Rose on pedal steel and dobro, the ever talented Brad Bergan who plays just about everything including drums, Greg Franks on bass guitar, and the lovely Karen O'Shea with backing vocals. Rosie Adsett.

May 2010 - Album Review by Roland Lanzarone in Kanga Routes Le Cri Du Coyote France

Dolly & G. Strait admirer since her childhood, Kathy started paying guitar at a very early age & then also learned the bass & piano. Married to a musician, they together joined the quintet “Rawhide” & then formed their duo “Double Deal”. Kathy with her warm & soft voice, learned about the art of writing songs guided by the master of the genre; Alan Caswell. Under the influence of her family & friends, she wrote many songs, more for pleasure than in a commercial purpose & then decided to produce an album. 12 compositions/songs on a quite traditional type of country & very pleasant, where the Pedal Steel (Michel Rose) holds a very good place. The honky tonks are called, “I’m So Glad He’s Mine” (the joy to have a comprehensive companion, comforting & loving) and “It’s Been a While” (where she says sorry for the pain she has inflicted to him). The pure country music divides itself into tender on Track 2, “Touch Me Like You Used To”, calm in “I Can’t See You Anymore” but both express regrets felt by women. In mid tempo, “You Should’ve Said” (you should have told me that you didn’t love me instead of breaking my heart) & “Talk to Me” (the problems / worries that prevent two people that love each other to talk to each other). The pleasant up tempo’s have for title; “I Couldn’t Help Myself” (a dance floor, a clicky look & the great night that followed) & “Little Piece of Heaven” a running country music announcing that paradise consists in living in open spaces with a man that loves you. In a Latino style (Rumba & Tex Mex), lets mention “Just Friends” (a woman & a man are just friends since a very long time but she cries when he gets married), “One Piece at a Time” (give me your sorrows and my love will comfort you) & the moving “The Old Man’s Money” (the nasty lady that spends the money of her old father). Finally, we discover the title song of the album, a cha-cha saying will he come one day, the man of my life, with his flowers & his love? The band consists of; Kathy – Guitar, Rob Wilson, her producer – Guitar, B. Bergen – Drums & Guitar, G. Franks – Bass Guitar, M. Rose – Pedal Steel & Dobro & M. Albeck – Fiddle.

January 18th, 2010 - Maitland Mercury story by Emma Swain

Lyricist a finalist in awards


18 Jan, 2010 08:50 AM

A song about the love of a man and a dog named Bluey has earned Kathy Coleman a spot in one of the country’s most prestigious songwriting competitions.
The Mindaribba singer/songwriter has been chosen as a finalist in the Tamworth Country Music Festival’s songwriting competition with her song Little Piece of Heaven.
“It’s absolutely fantastic to be recognised as a songwriter at this level,” Ms Coleman said. “Without songwriting we wouldn’t have songs and the lyrics are really what people connect to.” Little Piece of Heaven – the latest track from Ms Coleman’s debut album Waitin on a Good Man – is a song about the  good things in life.
“This song is about how the simple things are really the best,” she said. “I think some of us can fall into the trap of becoming too career orientated, but life will pass you by and you have to stop and smell the roses. “So Little Pieces of Heaven is about my fellow and a dog named Bluey.” The winner of the Tamworth Country Music Festival’s songwriting competition will be announced on Wednesday.

January 2010 - Capital News Album Review by Matt Lawrence 


Review by Matt Lawrence

With the help of a stellar crew of backing players, KATHY COLEMAN shines on her debut album Waitin' On A Good Man. Showcasing 12 self-penned originals, the album is definitely one for the purists. It’s a case of honest, well-constructed songs that don’t rely on bell and whistle studio trickery to leave their mark. There is a predominance of pedal steel throughout the album and the arrangements never overwhelm Kathy's extremely easy-on-the-ear vocals. Produced by ROB WILSON, the tracks feature the talents of Michel Rose on pedal steel, Mick Albeck on fiddle and Brad Bergen on drums and electric guitar. Traditionalists will rejoice in the casual cool of tracks like I’m So Glad He’s Mine and It’s Been A While, while the happy-go-lucky up-tempo Little Piece Of Heaven and I Couldn’t Help Myself will get the toes tapping. Kathy’s vocals truly shine on the track Talk To Me and there’s plenty to like about the tongue-in-cheek The Old Man’s Money. Definitely worth checking out.
Independent KCOLE001

 December 2009 - Capital News Editorial by Matt Lawrence

 Worth The Wait


 Maitland Mercury 3rd December - Album editorial & cd giveaway by Sam Rigney.

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